• Trees from Zasów
    have been grown in Subcarpathia for generations

  • A wide range of trees and shrubs
    among others apple trees, peach trees, pear trees…

  • Over 30 hectares of land
    with seedlings and specialized infrastructure

Zasów Tree Nursery

My name is Bogusław Wawrzonek and since the early 90s I have been involved in running a Nursery Farm (currently with my wife and sons). I have conducted such activities in Zasów, situated in the Subcarpathia Voivodeship, were tree nursing reaches far back. Currently the surface area of my nursery is 30 ha. I also have specialized infrastructure which allows me to store nursery materials in cold rooms prepared for that.

I offer top quality breeds of fruit tree seedlings (among others apple trees, peach trees, cherry trees, pear trees, apricot trees, plum trees, nut trees), fruit creepers and fruit shrubs (among others currants, gooseberries and raspberries) and rootstocks . Based on individual orders I also offer shield budding and winter grafting services. I gladly share my experience with my customers and I offer professional and reliable advice in terms of the offered materials.

Why trees from Zasow?

Soil conditions in Zasów are convenient, which in combination with the history of tree nursing reaching back to 1879, are undoubtedly associated with tree nursing industry. This is confirmed by the fact that in Zasów there are more than one hundred farms where high quality qualified nursing materials are produced.


I have been running operations in the field of tree nursing since the beginning of the 90s, constantly improving quality of my products.


Zasów is situated within the Subcarpathia Voivodeship, in the municipality of Żyraków and in the county of Dębica.

I am a member of the Subcarpathian Association of Nursery Producers in Zasów. The Association brings together breeders and producers of trees and shrubs. The exchange of experience and information between its members allows for constant development and an increase in quality of the products we offer.